Music bath

Music bathBasic
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Advanced Material ABS eco-friendly
  • Roasting is a free, lightweight ABS material, yet beautiful design and glossy surface representation is a material with a very high impact strength, impact resistance jinyeo.
  • In particular, consumer electronics and automotive interior and exterior, as well as harmless to the human body because the material used in all areas and is capable of playing the superior eco-friendly materials in the construction materials sector resources.
Bath water, drainage, noise interlayer
  • Water supply, attach the joint heupeumje vulnerable to multiple layers of noise bathroom You can reduce the noise of conflict or discomfort due to housing.
  • You can attach to the back of the product heupeumje can maintain the thermal effect of the bathrooms even higher.
Negative ions Function
  • Negative ions appears to feel in the woods! Air purification and antibacterial features to consider health products.
Fragrance Function
  • Easy to install, as well as using it for a long time to have an excellent flavor microcapsules equipped with air freshener feature allows more flavors to the bathroom.
Music Function
  • Listening to the bathroom and wash frequently used music. Simplify smartphone linked, you can enjoy your own music. The way the product makes a great bathroom.


  • Standard : Center Ceiling + Access Hole + Side panel
  • Material : ABS
  • Standard Size : 2,220 X 1.750
  • Maximum Size : 3,660 X 1.750
  • Option : Ventilating fan, LED lighting, Light flush with the ceiling